About Mint Leaf

At Mint Leaf, we simply love to share the wonders of Indian cuisine with diners in the Heidelberg area. Our owner, who is also our chef, has over 15 years of cooking experience, and lends his expertise to every dish he creates. Our menu offers culinary selections from many of India's diverse regions, so when you dine with us, you're taking a culinary tour of India.

Opening Hours


5:15pm TO 9:50pm
5:15pm TO 9:50pm
5:15pm TO 9:50pm
5:15pm TO 9:50pm
5:15pm TO 9:50pm
5:15pm TO 9:50pm
5:15pm TO 9:50pm


We deliver to

  • Alphington
  • Banyule
  • Bellfield
  • Heidelberg
  • Ivanhoe
  • Trobe University, etc.

We respect and practice true concept of “Atithi Devo Bhawa”. We have always believed in and this indeed is our mantra for our success. Our customers/well wishers are at the heart of everything we do. At Restaurant in Heidelberg, We deem that every person; we come into contact with are looked after and are served avidly with a smile. We desire our customers to be satisfied and aspire to develop that warm relationship with Indian Restaurant Heidelberg, Bellfield, Eaglemont. During your next visit, please feel free to talk to us about more option about Indian Food Heidelberg. Alternatively, you can contact us on beneath numbers for all your needs. Mint leaf Heidelberg is always happy to hear from you about delicious Indian Food Bellfield with tasty options.

Indian Restaurant Eaglemont popularity initially grew around a core group of Indian customers, customers who loved the genuine tastes and aromas that came out of our kitchen. The chefs of Mint leaf Heidelberg creates exclusive recipes using their extensive experience that results in delectable dishes that people remembered for years. Fine dining Heidelberg Bellfield, Eaglemont. Those who truthfully had a love for Indian spice food learned about us through word of mouth. Our commitment to provide this Indian Food at Heidelberg led to the development of many long term relationships with our customers.